Cloud PBX Deployment Help

Hello all,

I just deployed the latest version of FreePBX on a Vultr VPS. I have deployed numerous FreePBXs on premises but this is my first cloud deployment.

I have activated the Sangoma Smart Firewall and I used a very long admin password for the web interface. What else would you do to lock down the server?

I’d really like to setup a VPN server on the VPS but I don’t think I’m ready to dive into this quite yet.

Also worth mentioning that this is a test deployment. Practice for future production deployments.
Thanks everyone!

set your IP as trusted

set (SSH), Web Management and Web Management (secure) to internal

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Thanks for your reply!
My only concern is that I’m on a dynamic IP address. My ISP doesn’t offer static IP addresses. Any suggestions on how I can remain on the whitelist if my IP changes?

Use a dynamic DNS service to update an FQDN with your IP address, and then add the FQDN to the white list.

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I never realized I could do such a thing! I had no idea that the PBX could perform a lookup on the dynamic DNS domain and find the IP currently registered to it. If that works, its brilliant! Thanks lgaetz!