**CLOSED** Error with OSS Endpoint Manager Module

Quite a few of the functions in the OSS Endpoint Manager seem to produce the following error when trying to run them. This includes trying a remote reboot on a deskphone.

I’m running Asterisk 13, FreePBX 13.0.19 and Ubuntu 14.04

Error is:-

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
$line_options = is_array($line_ops[$line[‘line’]]) ? $line_ops[$line[‘line’]] : array();
$line_statics = array(‘line’ => $line[‘line’], ‘username’ => $line[‘ext’], ‘authname’ => $line[‘ext’], ‘secret’ => $line[‘secret’], ‘displayname’ => $line[‘description’], ‘server_host’ => $this->global_cfg[‘srvip’], ‘server_port’ => ‘5060’, ‘user_extension’ => $line[‘user_extension’]);

                $provisioner_lib->settings['line'][$li] = array_merge($line_options, $line_statics);

            foreach ($specific_settings['data'] as $key => $data) {
                $default_exp = preg_split("/\|/i", $key);
                if (isset($default_exp[2])) {

Happy to provide more info if required.



Indeed. This module is no longer supported. It’s looking for community members to fix it up as has happened in the past.

No worries. Unfortunately I built on Ubuntu 14.04 so I can’t use the commercial version…

Thanks anyway Andrew :smile: