Closed Analog PBX System for Lab

I am setting up a small lab that has no external connectivity. I need to connect cisco routers that do Dial-on-Demand routing through old-school analog modems. I would also like the ability to make old-school POTS calls between a couple of old RJ-11 handsets.

Therefore, what I need is a small POTS system. No VOIP is needed, as that isn’t what I’m testing.

I was hoping that FreePBX would route modem and handset calls through the modem cards I have. I currently have a AOpen FM56-SVV Soft PCI Modem and a Lucent 0166-03 V90P 56K PCI Fax-Modem Card installed on a fairly capable box. However, I don’t see a means of having FreePBX make calls through these cards.

I apologize for my ignorance, but is there a solution that will let me connect some POTS phones/modems in a closed lab? I’m willing to buy hardware if I have to.

You need to purchase telephony boards, not modems that will make your mini switch.

You want FXS ports that provide battery and ring voltage towards your devices.

You can choose from many manufacturers. Digium and Sangoma are two of the most popular.

Sorry it took me a week to get back to this… work has been brutal.

Thanks to your post, I plan on buying a couple of A200: 2–24 Port Expandable Analog Voice Boards, which looks like I can plug 4 RJ11 jacks in it, and it will give me a dial tone for my cisco-attached modem cards. That looks like just the ticket! I’ll let you know how it works out.

Thanks again for the help!

Ok, make sure you order the FXS daughter boards for reach channel