Cloning Freepbx servers

Hi chaps

I have a few freepbx servers that were set up on old hardware as tests. As these things go, they ended up being used and are now vital.

I want to clone the machines to new hardware and also use one of them as a template for our other remote sites.

I’m going to use Clonezilla to clone the machines but is there anything I need to bare in mind when cloning FreePBX itself? Any UID or GUIDs used anywhere that must be changed, or can I get away with just changing the hostname?


Why not just use the backup module and then on the new machine import the config etc of the backup?

Using the backup module would just backup the config not FreePBX, the OS, etc. He would have to manually install FreePBX on the new hardware.

Cloning the entire hard drive would give him an exact copy of the drive that he could pop into new hardware.

The issue is rather that we have to clone due to other stuff on there and whether cloning will impact freepbx and if anything needs doing in freepbx?

Fair enough Olly - my bad; as typical I just skimmed the question and that you want/need to clone…

I’m not aware of issues besides host & ip address (as assume is static) if on the same network.

One issue you might have is drivers.

If your existing hardware is old the OS currently installed might not have drivers for the new hardware.

The only issues I have had are in NICs and a duplicate ifcfg-eth0 in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

You just have to edit the latest one created at boot time due to the different hardware/driver.

yeah that always gets me too :slight_smile: