Clone PBX for testing

I’d like to clone my FreePBX server (its already a VM in VMware) and test the upgrade on it from 11 to 13 before I do the actual upgrade.

What I’m curious about is how that would work if FreePBX sees the same deployment number come up from a different IP address. We also have quite a few commercial modules licensed and I would want to make sure they worked as well.

Has anyone else tried this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I currently use the same thing, vm in vmware. here’s what I have done when concerned about an upgrade. I just take a snapshot of the VM pre upgrade, then as long as everything is good. I delete snapshot. I know this isn’t what you asked for, but it’s what I do. I have restored my VM with “Different settings” using Veeam then tested certain aspects of the VM, but for the upgrade, always did the snapshot pre upgrade.