Clock Font Color on Sangoma Phones

With Sangoma phones, is it possible to change the color of the font used on the clock/date, specifically the black color used for when the clock/date is relocated to the center of the screen because you’ve enabled a Phone Label?

We have S700 phones in deployment at a client. Their logo and colors company-wide are on the dark side of things. The color of said clock and date are black (when it gets relocated due to a phone label being used anyway, it’s a lighter color when it’s on the top bar). As a result it’s very hard to read with their background picture. I realize the easy answer is just change their background, and we may have to do that, but that would hurt their desired branding a bit.

Before doing that, I thought I would ask if there is any hidden variables that one can place in the basefile to change the color used on the Clock/date? I remember with Cisco phones there was a huge amount of XML options not exposed by EPM we could add manually. Hoping something like that might exist here too.

my recommendation would be to open a ticket at where they can guide you on the right direction for this.

No we don’t have the ability currently to do that. A feature request would be great and we can look at adding it in the future.

Interesting. Today I went to a different client where they too are setup in similar fashion and noticed that their clock font is White, instead of black like the OP system I was talking about. Wondering if the phone is deciding what color to use based on dominant colors in the background image or something.

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