Client/Server version mismatch!

Hello All,

on Panel -> I am facing with Client/Server mismatch…

what’s wrong?

thanks & regards

I think you need to provide far more information for anyone to help you.

Ok, thanks, what info should I provide?

I have followed the installation instructions… then get such message…

please help


What installation instructions did you follow?

FreePBX is part of a half a dozen ISO install or you can install from scratch on any flavor of Linux, FreePBX, Solaris and probably Non-Stop UX. On top of that there is an embedded FreePBX for the PIKA appliance.

We need to know how you installed and if from scratch the version of every component.

I for one don’t even know what panel you are talking about.

Ok, I apologize for this…
I am very new with this… I have just install the autorun AsteriskNow from AsteriskNOW-1.5.0-i386-1of1.iso … then following its instructions.

I also have updated FreePBX version (currently I use FreePBX and all modules are already enabled and up to date.

any other information should I provide regarding to fix my problem
(Client/Server version mismatch on panel page) ?

many thanks in advance


Oh the panel page. Something is wrong with the Flash Operator Panel.

Could just be an issue with your Flash Player.

You also should check the flash running on your server.

Lots of information on how FOP works at

is there any log file that can I use to determine the problem?

Clear the browser cache, delete the cookie for FOP, then it should work.

hi… how to delete the cookie for FOP?

ok,this already resolved… thanks to all for your helps…


The same issue appeared after the recent upgrade.
Cache & cookies were cleared.
Please advise what to check.

without being able to reproduce the issue, it’s hard to answer the question.

It still sounds like a caching problem. Did you try a new browser (one you have never used on the specific system?

Did you also check to make sure you don’t have permission problems resulting in the new code not getting installed properly?

Yes, tried IE while normally using FF. Cleared everything in IE.
Don’t see any permission issues.
Could you please give an idea which particular files may be related to the issue?

It doesn’t work with me. :frowning: