Client in pos1 in queue not transferred to agent but pos2 or pos3 gets transferred

Hi All,

We are faced with a strange situation where clients calling in are put into a queue but the person in front of the queue is not transferred to an agent but the client in pos2 or even pos3 gets transferred to an agent.

We are running FreePBX with about 350 users, 52 trunks all able to make and receive call.
With this we also have several queue configured.The Ring Stratigy is on rrmemory and there is no priorities set for certain numbers.

Has any one else experienced an issue like this and if so were you able to resolve it?\

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Do you mean to say that a caller waiting in a queue never rings an agent?

If so, then are they dynamic or static agents?
Also, can you post a screenshot of the queue configuration?


Thanks for the response.

To answer your question:

  1. It is static agent
  2. Queue Config
    Queue Number 8002
    Queue No Answer No
    Call Confirm No
    Call Confirm Announce Default
    CID Name Prefix
    Wait Time Prefix No
    Alert Info None
    Ringer Volume Override None
    Restrict Dynamic Agents No
    Agent Restrictions No Follow-Me or Call Forward
    Ring Strategy rrordered
    Autofill Yes
    Skip Busy Agents Yes
    Queue Weight 0
    Join Announcement none
    Call Recording Force
    Mark calls answered elsewhere Yes

I found a solution to the issue. Under the queue options there is a setting called auto fill.

Description: " If this is set to Yes , and multiple agents are available, the PBX will send one call to each waiting agent (depending on the ring strategy). Otherwise, it will hold all calls while it tries to find an agent for the top call in the queue, making the other callers wait."

It seems to me what was taking place was that asterisk started looking for an available agent for caller 1 and found that the first agent was busy. According to the Auto Fill description it will also do the same for call 2 & 3 with different agent that was available at that time, so the calls was sent to the agents while call 1 staid in the queue.

Changing auto fill = no resolved the issue by forcing call 2 & 3 to wait in queue till call 1 is answered.

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That sounds like something a developer might want to look at. Perhaps a trouble ticket might be in order. Since you know what caused and the remedy, it won’t be “high” priority, but it does violate the rule of least astonishment.

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