Client friendly CDR's

Does anyone have a suggestion on a client friendly CDR reporting tool? They just want some basic stats, calls in, calls out etc. I tried to show them the current tool, and admittedly, it was a mess for an office manager.

Even a simple inbound call to a ring group, answered, parked, and picked back up shows a whole slew of entries in the CDR.

I read some old threads about using CEL, but that seems overkill for this.

We give our customers access to the UCP which formats calls in an easy to understand way. Most of our customers are happy with it.

That’s not going to give the Office Manager an overview of the entire system though. Just individual extensions.

CDR is a database.

If you just want to keep saying “no”, that’s fine, but why can’t you tell us what you really want. It’s not like taking data out of MySQL is that challenging. At some point, it would really help us for you to let us know what you want.

I thought i did in the OP. She’s looking for basic info. Calls in and out for the business. In CDR, one call can have 3-4 different entries. That’s not useful for a non IT office manager.

That is because you are confusing an ADMIN tool for looking a call details in depth vs an actual reporting tool. You’re also confusing a CDR with Call Event Logging. A CDR tells you about the call, if it was Answered/BUSY/etc, how long it was, who the caller and callee’s are. Simple stuff.

Stuff like was this call put on HOLD or was it PARKED, who picked it up after it was PARKED, etc, etc, etc. Those are call EVENTS that happen during a call. CDR and CEL are two different things.

So a CDR reporting tool may show you Call X came in at Y time and Z disposition and how long the call was. But if you want to know all the things that happened during the call you need to look at the Call Event Logs which is an entirely different database.

The real answer is, if you want a reporting tool that covers all those things you are either paying for it from a third party somewhere or you’re writing your own.

The issue that I’m having is that the CDR tool in FreePBX offers TOO much information. She needs something simple.

Can anyone suggest a 3rd party tool for simple reporting that an Office Manager can use to see calls for the entire company?


I am pretty sure with User Management, you can give the office manager access to view call logs for other people’s extension via UCP. You might be able to speed this up by granting the OM access to view a group, and then adding everyone she should see to that group. (I have not tried this)