Client cannot register to server

My softphone client failed to register (time out error) with the server, which is installed with asterisk and freepbx. Asterisk CLI shows SIP doesn’t exist, although the module shows . I did a online freepbx upgrade after the installation.

I am a newbie to both asterisk and freepbx. Please help with details. Thanks.

Secondly, is there a guide/manual which has all the required steps to setup a call center using asterisk/freepbx? Please give tips. Thanks again.

To quote you “Please help with details.” You want help but are providing no details to get help on.

Please see

Since we know nothing of your setup how can we help? all on the same network? firewalls involved? which client? the list goes on and on.

Call Centers are beasts all on there own, I am not sure you’ll find a manual on how to build one as getting the lines for a call center is a whole big nut in itself and how you do that determines how you setup your system.

After extensive search on the net, i found my port 5060 is not open (learned from nmap). My testing client is X-Lite, which i believe configured correctly from the guide. The wireshark log shows “ICMP: Destination unreachable (Port Unreachable)”. I think i need to open my port 5060 in order for the client to register. How do I open it? Please help. Thanks.