Clicking on apply causes pjsip endpoints to drop

Hello I can really use some help

I installed a new system (Asterisk Version: 16.5.0 - FreePBX: and when I click apply settings all of the endpoints drop offline. If there is no other activity on the system, they will get rediscovered after about 60 seconds but if there any calls active they will not.

If I do a “core reload” I do not see this behavior

I thought it might be an issue with “ Allow Transports Reload” option and another weird issue is the system will not save the changes I make to that and keeps it switched to yes. I did try putting allow_reload=no in pjsip.transports.conf but still no luck.

Make sure you have sipsettings v15.0.6.16 installed:

Allow Transports Reload will still default to the wrong value, but can be manually changed:

Hi Thank you, i’m on so i will try this.

I think it could be something else even with “allow transport reloads” set to on I have not seen it before where applying settings will cause all endpoints to unregister like this and they will not come back online without restarting asterisk

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