“Clicking” on analog live via ATA

Hi All,
I have one POTs line going through an ATA, Three GV lines through and Obi and one SIP trunk. The POTs. Line has a noticeable clicking (about 5 clicks) every 30 seconds or so. It’s not there when I plug an analog set into the MPOE. I’m guessing there is a SIP setting that would be causing this…any thoughts?

It’s a pjsip trunk connected to a NetGen 422 ATA.

Thanks for any thoughts!


This might be caused by silence detection. Look for a setting to disable it on the ATA.

Thanks @arielgrin. Silence detection has been disabled by default.

I also tried a-law and G.729 and it’s present on all three codecs (the only three the ATA support, so I don’t think it’s a codec or a bandwidth issue -1G Lan, both on same subnet)

Logically , if as you attest, it is clean on an analog phone plugged directly in, yet on the sip side there are ‘artifacts’ then

might get you a ‘debug’ of the audio on the SIP side, personally I would entertain the possibility that your ATA is badly grounded, is subject to external EMF disturbances or just plain broken.

It should be possible to configure the ATA (for testing purpose) so an analog phone connected to an FXS port can make a call via an FXO port. This internal path does not use the network. If it also has the clicks, the problem is in the ATA, possibly fixable by replacing the power adapter or with newer firmware.

Thank you both.

@dicko- The ATA is sitting on top of the PC running FPBX and the Obi is in another location. The external power supply of the ATA is next to the external power supply of the PC and a UPS. I’m thinking that may be causing noise.

I’ll isolate the ATA and it’s power supply then test as @Stewart1mentioned. I’ll let you know.

I moved everything and set the ATA to route the FXS directly to the FXO. Still there. Then I went back to troubleshooting 101 and swapped out the patch cord to the FXO port…no more noise!

Thanks all for the input and sorry it was something so basic I should have tested already.

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