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Hello all,

I am trying to user the click2dial script from
It works like a charm when I tell it to dial an extension but I would like for it to act like an incoming call instead.
Meaning, when a click2dial call comes in, the system acts like it’s a normal call coming in and thus applies time conditions & other rules.
What can I put in the $strChannel to accomplish this?

Thanks much!

Needs to be in from-trunk context instead of from-internal.

I’m confused about that part and open to suggestions.
I can try the trunk idea… but what do I put?

Simply replace the from-internal with from-trunk.

I clicked on your own link you posted, it’s right in the instructions.

I changed to this and all it did was call my extension showing the caller ID listed on the web, then routed me to the normal incoming ivr.
what I’m looking for is when the user gets called, they get routed as if they called in.
Hope I’m explaining it well.

#specify the channel (extension) you want to receive the call requests with
#e.g. SIP/XXX, IAX2/XXXX, ZAP/XXXX, local/[email protected], etc
$strChannel = “sip/1100”;

#specify the context to make the outgoing call from. By default, AAH uses from-internal
#Using from-internal will make you outgoing dialing rules apply
$strContext = “from-trunk”;

I may be confusing a dial and a goto. You might not be able to do what you want to do.

It might be easier to add a misc. destination that would be reachable from your internal dial plan.

Anyone else with any thoughts? :slight_smile: