Click2Dial from iPhone

Hi there. I’m looking for a specific function and am hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

I have a SIP softphone that works pretty well with my iPhone. However, it doesn’t always work as well as I want.

I’d like an app, or some kind of setup, that will do a Click2Dial type of thing with my iPhone. Ideally, I can launch the app, click on one of my contacts which is pulls from my iPhone. This will communicate with my FreePBX server, call my cell phone number, then when I answer call the number I clicked on to call. The idea is that the caller ID that the person receiving the call sees is the one assigned to my FreePBX box.

Any suggestion on apps that can do this? Or, is there some kind of command I can send to FreePBX to do this? I may be willing to develop an app that can handle this if I know how to get FreePBX to play along.

I appreciate any help.