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I am looking for a solution that would allow me to click a phone number in a web browser and it would call that number. But rather than call the number using a softphone, it would actually ring my office extension, I would pick up, and then it would dial the number. Is that possible?

yes this is a feature in Zulu that works on Mac, Windows and Linnux with Firefox and Chrome.

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One way to do this is to use remote control feature of the phone (assuming you are using VoIP phone that supports it, e.g. yealink or snom). It seems to be used by Teletrigger, but it seems that they may be out of business. Well, at least you can check their compatibility list for clues. Another option is Turtle Dialer (Chrome).

On the browser side there are few plugins that are able to convert phone numbers into clickable links, like Telify for Firefox. This is assuming you are running Windows - I don’t know if there is equivalent of protocol handlers (e.g. callto: links) on other platforms. Protocol handler is just fancy way of running application with phone number passed as parameter. Writing your own application that would then generate remote control requests to the phone wouldn’t be difficult. You can also try “originate” mode with tSIP softphone - in this setup your browser would pass the number to softphone, softphone would dial desk phone (it may be even POTS) number instead and when connected (desk phone picked up) it would transfer the call to number clicked by the user.

I installed Zulu server and desktop app. I am on a hosted PBX and the desktop app won’t connect to the server no matter what I have tried. The splash screen just says connecting… please wait.

Have you setup permissions for your users to use Zulu in the User Manager module in FreePBX.

Secondly do you have a firewall infront of your PBX. If so you will need to allow zulu ports opened as outlined here.

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I have a user setup in the User Manager. I have the pbx remotely hosted. I have opened ports in the freepbx firewall. Unless I need to open ports at my location where my phones are, I have exhausted everything.

Have you started the zulu service. After you license the box you need to start the service.

Yes it works, we use it. Zulu extension in Chrome which makes phone numbers clickable + Zulu softphone installed on same PC, which has a setting (I forget what it’s called) which calls the device. I’m pretty sure you have to log into the zulu softphone with the same extension as the hard phone.

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