Click to dial

Is there anyone who has succeeded with click to dial functionality in IE, FF or Chrome (or Thunderbird for that mattert)?
I’m looking for a solution for users to be able to click a “tel: scheme” link and then either connect through a softphone of directly to a Polycom.

Have been searching the forum, but I haven’t found any recent posts.

The UCP WebRTC phone (recently) got an ‘originate’ feature which I can’t praise enough :wink: so you can copy the phone number, paste into the ‘originate’ box of WebRTC and voila, it works. however it still requires copy+paste from another tab; But I actually doubt if this was solvable without installing an addon (like Skype does) in the browser.

(Good and simple to follow tutorials 'bout writing a browser addon, anybody? :slight_smile: )

Look this: