Click to Dial

Has anyone used Noojee Click to dial? How does it work? Found anything better?

I am running FreePbx 2.10rc with the latest asterisk

Follow the instructions, here are the anomalies I came across

First of all when it says to edit ‘/etc/asterisk/http’ Don’t freak out when you discover it doesn’t exist. Just create it exactly with the lines shown in the example recreated here:

bindaddr= ; Change this IP address to reflect your actual server’s IP

Now when it says to edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

Check that it has the following lines uncommented.

bindaddr= ; Change this IP address to reflect your actual server’s IP

I only inserted ‘webenabled=yes’

Do NOT edit the bottom as stated in the instructions
Save the file with the changes.
Now we want to edit '/etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf

Now at the bottom of this file create a new section similar to the following. You should change the text ‘apassword’ to an appropriate password. You should also add additional ‘permit’ lines to reflect the network of computers that will connect.

secret = apassword
permit= ; allow connections for the local computer
permit= ; allow connections from all computers with an IP in the range 192.168.X.X
permit= ; allow connections from all computers with an IP in the range 10.10.X.X
read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user

Save the file

The next instructions do not work for our modern asterisk
To Test Asterisk configuration you need to logon to your server
and then type asterisk -r

then at the asterisk command line issue 'manager reload’
after that command executes
execute 'http show status

You should see that the http server is bound to your server’s IP using port 8088.


now things should work as documented the rest of the way.

Here’s the link, one other thing,
After adding the extension I had to go to tools->extensions to find the firefox configuration. For the context use ‘from-internal’ and you should be good to go.

One other thing when using Noojee click. Firefox will periodically want to update itself, and can do it automatically without asking. I went thru a few FF updates that broke Noojee and on at least one occasion there was no working Noojee version for the new FF. If you rely on Noojee, you need to disable automatic updates and only apply them when you know that there is a working version of Noojee available.

The Noojee instructions for adding an API manager to a FreePBX system are a bit dated, you can use the FreePBX “Asterisk API” module to add and remove managers.

Noojee click only works with Firefox, it adds a clickable button whenever it recognizes a phone number in the browser. I have seen this mess up the formatting on some pages, but it usually works fine. I have tried lots of free click to dial desktop utilities, and this is by far the best.


I am using Freepbx V2.11.
When I follow the instructions mentioned above, the Noojee click to dial works.

Since editing as per your the instructions above, I can no longer edit extensions and other asterisk related features thru the GUI?
Under System Status, There are no extensions showing connected or trunks and I have a Red ERROR message besides Asterisk (states that it is not running). All users and functions are still working as per usual. Can somebody please advise what I need to change or where to look to resolve this???


does anybody have a copy of that module? looks like Noojee have taken down the link and i really need to finish my started project by the end of next week.

(not sure why this was flagged before… I provided a solution for the problem asked and it is free…
This is an open source project and contributions are welcomed server side files are on github.
GitHub - Jolt1/Jolt-Select-Dial-PBX: Files for FreePBX to make the Jolt Select Dial PBX Chrome Extention Work )

I just developed a free chrome extension for this