Click to Dial using either Jolt or FOP2 is only showing the received part of the call in Sangoma phone screen history

We have a FreePBX system running with Sangoma phones. Everything works normally, however we are now trying to use click to dial.
I have setup Jolt chrome extension and got it to work with a few tweaks in the php file, however the Call information and history on my phone screen only shows the initial leg of the call (the received call). It doesnt show the actual call that was dialled when I picked up my receiver.

I thought i had messed something up in my Jolt php file so I installed FOP2. It dials out ok but still only shows the received leg of the call on screen and in the phone history.

Has anyone else found this and fixed it?


Right because the phone didn’t dial it. The call doesn’t come from the phone, it comes from the PBX. So you’re phone is only going to have the call it knows about, the one it received from the PBX. Once it is answered, the PBX is dialing the other number, not the phone.

If you want this to be logged at the phone level, you would have to use the phone’s API (if they have one) to send the request to the phone so the phone makes the outbound call and then it will log the destination number as an Outbound Call in the history.

The trick is to set the Caller ID of the inbound leg of the call the same as the outbound destination. It will still show as an incoming call in call history, but if you attempt to dial the call from the history it will go out to the destination.

Thanks for the super speedy replies, I understand now why its only showing that leg of the journey.

I just need to work out the behind the scenes coding for my php file in Jolt. (I’m unsure how I could play with FOP2 code just yet)

In the jolt php I have some lines like these

The original code was
$strCallerId = $callerid." <$number>";

but this did not connect to my pbx, I had to change it to this next line to get it to connect.
$strCallerId = $ext;

I shall keep looking to see how/where I need to change my code. Thanks for the help so far,

Update - Not sure why, but while playing with the php code again to find the error messages, the original piece of code started to work.

$strCallerId = $callerid." <$number>";

This did exactly what I wanted and what you said should happen. It still shows as an incoming call but has the number dialled available in history.

Thanks for your help, now I will see if I can find where I can tweak this in FOP2

OK just so we are very clear on this. It doesn’t matter how you Originate the call. It can be from FOP2, Jolt, AMI, ARI or even straight from dialplan using the Originate function.

When you do this, the PBX is originating a call to the phone. Once the phone answers the PBX makes the outbound calls. The phone only logs what happens at it’s level. The outbound destination number will never be in the Called Number (outbound) Logs of the phone.

Thanks Tom, yes I understand this now, all I am hoping to do is what Lorne proposed, and to set the Caller ID of the inbound leg of the call, to the same as the outbound destination number.
So if I view the call I just made (even though it was the received call from my click to dial) on my Sangoma S505 phone screen and press the send key, it will actually dial the destination number that the pbx had dialled.

Its working with the Jolt plugin, but I am hoping to find where to tweak the code in FOP2. I am on their forums now searching.

If I find it I will put a notification back on here.
Thanks again for your help and explanations,

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