Click to Call

Many of our employees travel to different parts of the world and using bria or other voip solution doesn’t work very well for us due to the quality of the internet.
Places like UAE have a very high calling rate so it would be helpful if I could select from a web based phonebook and click on that number to have asterisk call me first then call that number.
In that regard, I found the following software that seems promising:
Its called geotek phonebook

How can we have this or something similar installed into pbxact or freepbx?

Ideally it would be amazing to make an app that looks thru your mobile’s phonebook and uses asterisk to call you back on a designated number then connect to the international number.

Yes, that would be a great application. If you are a developer or want to hire one we would love to have it contributed to the project.

I really don’t know how to hire a programmer capable of handling this.
Making the iphone or android app would be the secondary step.
FYI, I am actually using PBXact.

That’s a whole different story. FreePBX is Open Source. Community derived.

I would put a feature request in for this in the customer portal.

Good luck

I use PhoneB from, it works fine for me on FreePBX

I just developed a chrome extension for this