Click to Call and Screen pop-up for CRM

What are your suggestions for Click to Call and Screen pop-up for CRM? Is Zulu an option or not? I read in another forum post that Zulu click to call plugin for chrome is not available anymore.


Can anybody from sangoma provide more information? Is Zulu is no longer recommended for click to call and Screen pop-up?

Zulu still works but nearing end of life. The current Sangoma soft phones are Sangoma Phone for desktop and Sangoma Talk for mobile.

There are no browser plugins currently supported, but you can configure Sangoma Phone desktop to action TEL: links from browser. Screen pops are supported.

If you’re using FreePBX, there’s a free trial availalbe in the Portal Store for Sangoma Softphones.

I was able to test click to call using TEL: links and screen pop up using Sangoma Phone desktop.

Thanks Lorne!

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