CLI Variable Inheritence

Trying to set a channel variable from the CLI on one channel, then read it in the context from-internal-custom during a transfer of the call that originated on that channel. My understanding is that the __Variable syntax would make the Variable accessible via inheritance on the transfer to channel.

I use this from the CLI …

dialplan set chanvar SIP/asterisk-00000029 __FROMEXTEN 8675309

And view this in my from-internal-custom

exten => _x.,n,NoOp(FROM Channel: ${FROMEXTEN})

I see the channel variable created and set when doing a dialplan show chanvar, but it’s empty when I try to access it in the from-internal-custom context.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thought maybe I could use shared variables, but I don’t see any way I can set them through the CLI.

BTW … the reason for setting these through the CLI is that the application developer is not familiar with any other way.