CLI Commands

Hello All,
Can You please tell me how to create new SIP Extension via CLI.
My steps:

  1. Get asterisk CLI: asterisk -r
  2. Enter the command: “dialplan add extension 1111,1,Dial,SIP/ into from-internal”
  3. Command is executed OK, but this peer is not added anywhere.
  4. Also command “dialplan save” doesn’t work

Thank You in Advance.

Best Regards

FreePBX stores peer data in a SQL database.

And so there is no possibility to add SIP extension via asterisk CLI?

Best Regards

Nope not with FreePBX as its all stored in Databases and written to .conf files.

Thank You

But is any possibility to create it via AMI?
I am using C# and found Asterisk.NET libraries.

My Goal is to automate peers creation/ deletion process.
Best Regards