CLI commands

I’m trying to develope an application for my site where I already have the extensions created (no problem) then customers purchases a DID from my site to forward it to the extension. I can set the the new did to be the caller id of the extension (mysql database an astdb) using php command and the CLI command; database put AMPUSER 1234567890/outboundcid “John\ M\ White”\ <1234567890> (I found it on another post here).
I also inserted my new DID to mysql database ‘users’ and cidlookup_incoming, now here is my problem…
1)I see the extension on the ‘users’ where my DID has to be send to. but when I got to freepbx I see the DID but not the extension nor the description of the DID.
2)how do I write it to the my the astdb?
I had searched everywhere I know is with “DATABASE put family,syntax” but I don’t find anywhere a list of the family functions for this CLI database command.
Can someone help in in resolving my issue?
I’m using
Asterisk (Ver. 11.4.0)

What you see in the FreePBX GUI actually comes from a MySQL database, not the Asterisk Database. This MySQL database is then used to generate everything (dialplan, hints, etc). So if you really want to integrate with FreePBX your best bet is to write your application to update the MySQL database and the force a FreePBX reload afterwards.