CLI add extension

I am trying to use CLI command to add an extension. What should I do to make sure that freePBX recognizes this extension in its Setup->Extensions screen?

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As Philippe says, user-level privileges are what you want, all the way down to only being able to see what your user-admin is allowed to see.

That’s where the user roles should be developed to, but they aren’t there yet.


Thank you all for the help.
Is there any alternative to freePBX that would do the job as mentioned?

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there really is not documentaion at the level you are looking for. Code, dialplan, scattered stuff on the wiki (incomplete and dated sometimes).

by using feepbx to add the extension. Doing it at the CLI will go away next time you reload. What are you really trying to accomplish?

Thank you for your answer.
I am mainly trying to create a very simple, user intuitive, and localized user interface for administration of the PBX. The user interface would contain only adding/deleting a route, and adding/deleting an extension with minimum fields, and in our language. All this, while keeping the advanced freePBX system and user interface for advanced requirements that could be done by more advanced administrator.

I am trying to find the best way to do this.
The point is that even before freepbx reloads, the extension does not exist in the configuration files

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what might get you part way - switch to database mode (see the amportal.conf file) and then make user accounts that restrict what the admin can do. It doesn’t get you the fully simplified extnesions page - put it gets you part way there.

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but what about localization and customization (one more requirement is to add the customer company logo for example)? any user guide on this?
How about if I use db get and dbput to manipulate the database of the extensions of freepbx, i.e. write to the DEVICE family, is this possible?

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anything is possible,

but it sounds like you are really trying to do some low level customizations to the system. You need to understand the underlying dialplan and how things work before doing that or you will probably have issues. freepbx is not an asterisk conf file editor, it puts an entire application layer ontop of asterisk. That means that you need to have a pretty good idea of how freepbx is doing things.

That’s exactly my concern: conflicts that would result from changing confs incorrectly.
Any reference on this matter, i.e. how freepbx works? or better yet, is there an API for freePBX?
If there is no thorough reference, at least manipulating extensions and trunks and voice mail would be sufficient at the time

thanks again