ClearOne MAX IP - Yuck!

In case someone else is stuck with one of these and trying to make it work with Asterisk, here is how to configure it to work with your box:

  1. It has a web interface that requires a really OLD Java version…like 1.5 OLD and it won’t work with newer versions, so that is no help unless you have a really old computer running a really old version of Java. So we have to use TFTP provisioning which brings us to the second problem…

  2. TFTP provisioning on this phone is case sensitive - I only found this out by hooking up a SolarWinds TFTP server and watching the screen to see what it asks for - to save you all the trouble it will want to see the following: (All Case SenSiTive…)

config.fil - firmware file
ggsip_all - firmware file
C1MAXIP.txt - General settings for all phones

So for example, the phone I am currently configuring:


And then finally, the C1MAXIP_MAC.txt file specifies a dialplan file - you can call it what you want, but it is case sensitive also.

Why wouldn’t you fix the Web Interface? Why would you make it Case Sensitive - and yet the phone NEVER tells you that it didn’d find it’s files - it just says “No Phone”

Yikes - Hope this saves someone some time…