Clear Session Progress message

I installed freepbx and I have Cisco IP Phones but when I try to call any extension number it displays Session progress on the screen of the phones.
How can I clear this message?

Answer the call? Use a phone that doesn’t show SIP provisional status messages?

Session progress is potentially a normal state during the establishment of a call, and without detailed logging it is not even possible to say that something is wrong.

Aside from the display, do these calls otherwise work properly? If not, what, if anything does the caller hear? Does the called phone ring?

Model of your Cisco phones?

Do calls from other extensions (soft phone, SIP app, etc.) work correctly?

You could probably resolve this by taking away the “r” dial option (in Advanced Settings - Asterisk Dial Options).I believe this will stop the 183 progress + media and instead will just send a 180 Ringing indicator which would be displayed on your calling phones instead. And if the phones are sensible they will play an internally-generated ringing tone to the caller. Otherwise, the caller may hear silence. You’ll need to test it out and see.

I am using Cisco Spa 303 ip phones. The ringtone goes through successfully but the session progress message does not clear on the screen.

That’s because the ring tone is being sent as in-band media, rather than as a 180 Ringing response, so it is a call progress indication, as far as SIP is concerned.

Actually, I think you may want the reverse of what was suggested with r. as I think r causes AST_CONTROL RINGING to be generated and any progress indication from the far side to be ignored.

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