Cleaning up Sangoma 60 boot options

The sangoma box now has 4 different kernels to select from at boot. Problem being 2 out of the 4 don’t work period. Another problem being that the default boot option is one of the ones that doesn’t work.

I’ve tried changing the grub config /etc/default/grub and editing GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT=1 (for the second working option)

I then tried update-grub which according to my research is suppose to update the modifications to the actual config file. However that command isn’t found.

So I then tried grub2-mkconfig

which then lists a few lines saying it found certian kernels then says its done with the update.

However the boot options never change. It still always defaults to the first one and even though I’ve cleaned up the extra older kernels and they don’t list when issuing grub2-mkconfig but the boot menu still shows them and doesn’t modify the default boot selection.

So I’m stuck with a machine that at every reboot hangs up at invalid boot options and requires me to manually select the 2nd boot option.

The initial problem was with the box hanging at Checking EDD or something along those lines at boot this happens with 2 out of the 4 kernels which were the oldest kernels anyways. So i just want to clear this up so it just has the two newest working kernels and default boots to the newest.

This has happened on TWO sangoma boxes.

Any ideas on how on earth to clean up this grub2 boot loader?

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