CLean new install fails

After some consulting with the guys in General (Thanks a lot, it did help) I am moving onto installing the FreePBX on the new hardware.

Downloaded SNG-FPBX-64bit-1904-2.iso from site
Put on flash drive as boot able using UUI (from a windows environment)
Each time the machine boots it does find the drive, and gives me the menu. No matter which version of Asterisk I pick to install the process starts, then hangs and runs it’s timeout scripts.

The BIOS is current, and no other settings in the BIOS have been changed from base defaults.

Hardware: ASUS Prime B360M-CSM, Intel i3-8100, 8GB DDR4, 2x Kingston 240GB SSD

Last 2 lines of install log (from journalctl)
localhost multipathd[1011] sdc: add path (uevent)
localhost dracut-initqueue[1059]: Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout: starting timeout scripts

sdc appears to be the install stick.
The dracut lines I found previous to this were failures to load a floppy and an edd device, and before that was a notification of loading teh Sangoma installer

Any insight on the issue?

Try writing the ISO using Rufus in DD mode

Also make sure your MD5 matches:

The MD5 did match. Went old school, took out a trusty DVD, burned it, and no issues…

I would have to buy a DVD burner. And then reuse it for the drive to install.

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