Class Of Service bulk import, scripting

I have the Class Of Service module which is very useful, Is there any way of setting the COS for an extension when doing a bulk import?
Also is it possible to change the COS of an extension via a script or similar? We have a database (well Active Directory) of all our users with their extension numbers and I’d like to include the COS in this data. Then I would like to use this data to update the extensions COS. Maybe the COS is stored in a file or database table I could modify?

I guess no one has any ideas on this one. Does anyone know where the Class Of Service module stores its settings, I assume in the MySQL database but can’t see in which table it is. Possible if I can find these settings in a table I could change this by script which would be useful with the 700 odd extensions I need to import/setup.

I suggest opening a feature request at asking for bulk import be added.

Hi Already done but it seems this is quite major and unlikely to be done before version 14 Freepbx which obviously is a little too far in the future for our current needs.
Hence as an interim solution if I can do this directly in the Freepbx database or similar it would be very useful.

The framework to do this and all sorts of other cool console stuff is coming in 13.

I assume the feature request got marked as 14 during bug triage because with the current workload that is where it fits.

You can always contact our sales folks about a custom development quote to see about getting this completed outside of the normal process.