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I understand that this is asterisk however I am trying to get the softkeys on my Cisco 8841 IP Phones and have seen a website An issue is that it doesn’t specify where the code should go or if a new context should be used. Currently, all phones are on from-internal and adding the codes to the extensions.conf. Has anyone know where the code should be?

I have patched asterisk 13.32.0 so that the Cisco 8841 IP Phones will work with asterisk.

Please do not say that this is not recommended as I understand that many people have got this to work.

All custom dialplan needs to go into extensions_custom.conf. Even after reading the page you linked, I don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do, but editing extensions.conf will ultimately fail as FreePBX controls that file.

Cisco 8841 has a non-CUCM (third-party/multi-platform) firmware that may be better suited for use and require less custom work.

I have added that code into extensions_custom.conf and nothing seems to work.

Unless you meant “Nope, try again” (which I’m hoping you didn’t), you need to be a lot more specific about “nothing” is. We need logs for a failed call at least.

The page you referenced has examples but not the kind of dialplan you can just cut’n’paste and expect to work. What are you trying to do, specifically?

I am trying to setup the call forwarding, conference, pickup. In the phones configuration, it is set to supposedly call x-cisco-serviceuri-*** however I am unsure how to set this up within asterisk so that these features work.


If you use the multiplatform firmware, then the phone will work more like a normal SIP phone; for example, the call forwarding is done on the device rather than relying on a URI interpreted by the server. See

I recommend again that you take that path rather than deal with the firmware that is closely coupled with CUCM.

If you are going to stick with this firmware you can change those URIs to FreePBX feature codes in the phone config file, e.g.


I understand that this is a FreePBX forum but has anyone had experience with Cisco CUCM or know anything about where to buy it?

As a matter of fact, there is a SCCP driver that you can use with these phones to make them work like they would with CUCM. Check Github for chan-sccp-b - Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub) - is a good first step.

We’ve had a few people report plenty of success with the software using many different versions of these phones. Installing the software requires up recompiling of Asterisk and leaves the phones in the native software version.

They (8841) are SIP-only phones @cynjut :slight_smile: You must be thinking of 8941.

Dietrich has actually been doing a lot of work to support the SIP versions of these phones as well. I don’t know the extent of that work, since I don’t own any 88xx phones, but I do know that there were several “SIP ONLY” phones listed as supported at the beginning of 2019 (when I last looked in detail).

It’s worth a try - it’s an hour experiment and Dietrich is pretty good about adding the additional support required for even the silliest stuff…

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