Cisco VG224 Odd Problem

I attempted to migrate from an old FPBX 2.11 Asterisk 11 to the latest FPBX 16 Asterisk 18 today but ran into a strange issue so have had to roll back. Luckily just an IP change between the two systems

I have 10 Cisco VG224 analog gateways, around 90 Polycom handsets and some other brand bits and bobs. Everything registered and seemed to work except from 1 VG224 gateway.

This particular gateway would initially register all 24 extensions as in would show in asterisk as ‘Reachable’. While reachable I can call an extension on the gateway, answer, hold the call fine. Around 10 minutes later the entire range of extensions on the gateway become Unreachable. I can’t call any of them anymore. However at a gateway extension I can dial an external number (through a sip trunk) and also dial voicemail and the likes of that but I can’t dial any internal extensions. I could dial external and voicemail but no internal extension from any gateway extension whether it was reachable or unreachable

Config is identical across all 10 units, same IOS.

I transferred back to the old system and it all works fine.

I tried changing the IP of the gateway just incase there was some oddity going on but still the same. I also pulled a spare blank unit off the shelf, put the config on it and the fault re-appeared.

Totally stumped and hoping to have a bit of assistance

Where’s the best place to start with this?

Luckily I can now experiment with this ‘offline’ as the business is back on the old fpbx so can play about with the new one.

I should also add that at no time was there anything useful popping up in any of the live asterisk logs which is what’s throwing me a bit with this one particular unit.

I think I may have found the problem. For some reason around 300 of my extensions did not have the On Demand Recording field set. On a data export each was flagged as ‘disabled’ where the correct entry should have been dontcare. No idea how that happened but I’ve ran a full export in the bulk handler, edited the 300, re-imported and its now working again.

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