Cisco UCM 7 with AsteriskNow for Voice Mail

Hi there, I have just started a lab on integrating Call Manager 7 with Asterisk Now, FreePBX 2.7

I have deployed a CUCM7 Publisher with a working SIP trunk to Asterisk.
I have made two phones on the Call Manager, 1001 and 1002.
I have made two phones on the Asterisk system, 2001 and 2002.
The working SIP trunk between the two systems allows me to call any DID.

For Voicemail, I created an extension on Asterisk, like 101001 and 101002, but i dont have a device registered or online. I then created a route pattern on the Call Manager side to 101001 to jump across the SIP trunk, and the same for 101002 respectivly. I then have the final forwarding on the line on the Call Manager for 1001, pointing to 101001. I have final forwading for 1002 going to 101002 on the astrisk side.

I am able to call from 1001, to 1002 and after 5 seconds, it goes across the SIP trunk to the asterisk box. The asterisk box picks up and says, the person at 101002 is not availible please leave a message.

All of this works great.

What I want to do, is this …

I want to be able to call a number from the Cisco Call Manager, or the PSTN if you will, that will forward to the main voicemail number. Right now on asterisk, if you hit *98, it goes to the main voice mail number where you can put in your phone number and password, and retreive your mail.

This is what I am struggling with.

I appreciate any help