Cisco SPA8800 Setup Guide - Please Help

Does anyone have a setup guide or cheat sheet they personally use for FXO inbound/outbound trunking with POTS lines on a SPA8800?

Attempted the guide found here for SPA3102, but was unsuccessful after using it as a starting point and experimenting:

I’ve spent hours upon hours troubleshooting, testing, etc, but have been striking out.

Basically, I’d like the SPA8800 to do the following:

A) Use two POTS lines to route calls to inbound routing in FreePBX
B) Use the aforementioned POTS lines to call out of FreePBX
C) Use one of the 4 FXS ports for an analog Polycom conference phone (was successful at that, no issues there)

Would be great if someone has the configuration for the LINE(1-4) tabs setup on the SPA8800, and the actual SIP Trunk settings for FreePBX web interface.


This guide is an oldie-but-goodie, and lightly customised for .au
This has helped us with other SPA devices too.
It might give you some clues or ideas.

Thanks. Any new ideas help. I have read the Cisco manual front to back again this evening…does not make for light reading :slight_smile:

Will try again tomorrow.

Once I get this operational, I will create a guide for all to have…hopefully! :slight_smile:

Is this device any different than the other SPA series? I just can’t see it being that hard.