Cisco SPA52G not found in EPM network scan?

I have a template made for the phone and the phone is not currently assigned to an extension in extension mapping. Any idea why it isn’t showing up?

Its using a MAC address we do not understand. It only scans for MACs we are aware of that are phone MACs. What is the MAC address

The phone GUI indicates the MAC address is 405539A27AF0. Oddly enough the wireless MAC address is 40:55:39:A2:7A:F0. Odd that the notation is different

NB: The notation of the phone GUI is uncommon…

According to Wireshark’s OUI lookup tool, that MAC range does belong to Crisco, errrr, I mean Cisco… :wink:


gives 40:55:39 Cisco Systems, Inc

Have a nice day!


Any chance I can get them to show up on a Network Scan for EPM?

It would be something we have to add. Remember we only add OUI that are for phones. If we added all Cisco OUI then routers and switches and everything else would show up. Please open a bug report at