Cisco SPA525G2 DND button

Hi all. I’ve got just about everything ironed out on the pbx side. I’m looking at equiping the office with SPA525g2 phones and Everything is working well except for trying to figure out the DND button for group DND. I know that the phone has its own DND. Could the phones own DND be setup for the freepbx DND using flowcontrol(my *280). I like how when I hit dnd it puts up DND on the screen which would be nice for the group DND.

Right now I have my SPA525G2 line key 5 setup for DND. It looks like a normal phone number extension to dial(the phone with keypad) the light is off on it as well. Here is my code in the cisco phone web page i put in for the soft key.
fnc=blf+sd;ext=*[email protected];nme=DND

Just also wanted to toss out there this site has been awesome at helping me get the pbx system setup. Its so far doing what I want it to do!

Some phones like Akuvox/Yealink have these features inside their DND feature definition, you could use the default *78/*79 or any custom code you wish associated with the DND, and the icon will appear while executing the dialplan/code silently behind the scenes (and you can see it in your logs)