Cisco SPA525G connected via VPN

I purchased a Cisco SPA525G to use with my FreePBX Dist. I can connect fine on my local network but the goal is to connect via the phone’s built in VPN from outside my network.

My router is a dd-wrt configured ASUS router with a PPTP Server. The phone isn’t able to connect to the VPN using the CHAP-Secrets from the router. I get an error “Failed to obtain WebVPN cookie”.

Anyone else run into this?

You should really be posting this on the Cisco support forums since it’s nothing to do with FPBX and all to do with the SPA525 and it’s VPN support…

Google of course is also your friend, which yields this result:

Basically your problem is that the Cisco SPA5XX phones built-in VPN client is designed solely for use with Cisco’s UC500 platform… so you can’t use it with a standard PPTP or IPSEC endpoint.


Sorry. You are correct. I put it in the wrong forum. My apologies. And thanks for the additional help as well.