Cisco SPA504g Phones issues (multiple)

Hey all,

I’ve posted this on the Cisco Forum as well but haven’t gotten an answer so I thought I’d ask the FreePBX forum because well, everyone here answers faster and seems to know whats causing the issues I have.

Here’s a breakdown of the issues:

ext 1 - WebUI of phone shows that it is registered on the PBX (PBX shows it as registered as well) but the Line 1 light on the phone is RED, and it can not receive calls, only make calls.

ext 2 - Similar issue as ext 1, except that on ext 2, ALL 4 Line lights are flashing red. Again, can make but NOT receive calls.

Third issue: I have sidecars on all of my phones, they were working fine but now, ocasionally, one or more extensions will show as red and stay that way, even when no one is in the office, let alone on the phone.

Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. I will provide any/all details that may be needed.

FreePBX V.

Thanks a bunch!

Sounds like NAT issues. Let me guess, the phones are not in the same network as the server?

Did you recently make changes to the network?

No, phones are not in same network as server… is a hosted solution.

No network changes that I am aware of. PBX is set to use NAT, and phones are set to use NAT… are there any conf files that should be edited or…??

Any ideas how to fix this? Customer is extremely upset about this.

Thanks SkyKing… and anyone else who may answer

Unless the outside IP changed and the server was not updated it’s not the server.

More than likely it is the router at the customer location.

cool thanks! I’ll take a look at their router tomorrow morning.