Cisco SPA504G lines turn orange periodically

Many time per day, the 4 green lines of mine SPA504G desk phone would turn orange. During this time, if there were any calling ongoing, the call will still going as normal; however, there is no new can be be established.
Ping to the IP of the phone will still receive reply.
The issue would take about 10 seconds to resolve itself.
This issue just started to happen about 5-6 days ago.

The firmware on the phone is 7.5.6a.

The phone is registered to a FreePBX server version 10.13.66-22 running on the same internal network. The current Asterisk version is 13.18.0.
I upgrade my FreePBX server to these version during the 2nd week of Nov. 2017.

Is there any one having any clue about what is going on?
Thank you,

Orange would mean that the extension is unregistered, but the strange thing is that ongoing calls do not get disconnected. Is this situation happening at a specific time or is it random? You could try to SIP debug the extension and see if something comes up on the log that might help you diagnose this.

That means you have a network problem, if you are using chan-sip, set “sip debug on . . .” to see what is failing. if using chan-pjsip, then “pjsip set logger on”

Thanks for the responds.
The issue happens randomly. I am having about 20 phone having this issue now. But the issue is not happening on all the phone at one time.

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