Cisco SPA504G BLF differentiate between DND & on call

Can it be possible to get a Cisco SPA504G’s BLF line keys to show a monitored extension in DND to be Amber/Orange then have the same BLF line key to be flashing Red when that same extension is on a call?

We currently have it so when a monitored extension is in DND or on a call the BLF is solid red. This is creating confusion because we never know if someone is in DND or if they are on a call.


Interesting, I’m not sure if its possible. You can change colors to have different meanings for different states by using “c=a” you could change a color for a line on the phone to amber for example… however from a little bit of research it seems like FreePBX and Cisco dont operate together like for FreePBX to control a light on a Cisco phone, it has to be preconfigured to work that way

Which still makes me think it is possible if you can figure out how to program the phone to recognize a DND state? Im not sure but heres what I found so far

Patrick Born
"I can’t think of a way for Asterisk, or any other call control to affect LED behavior. The phone is preconfigured for specific general states and if a state matches, then the phone sets the appropriate LED color."

Thats as close as I got to finding relevant info on this. Let me know if you figure it out. From this it looks like it would be configured somewhere on the Cisco phone

Keep in mind that Amber already is used and it means that the phone is unregistered, so you wouldnt be able to tell whether a phone is unregistered or DND (not that it matters I guess since they will both go to voicemail)

Yeah I saw that article. Doesn’t answer my question though. There is three states that the BLF led can go Green, Amber & Red. I want the BLF to go Green when the phone isn’t on a call or isn’t in DND & Amber to mean the phone is in DND & Red for when the phone is on a call.