Cisco SPA502G VPN

I have a small system of Cisco SIP Phones with a free PBX server. I want to be able to plug another Cisco phone into another network and have it register with my Freepbx server on my network. What steps are required for this to work

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If I recall correctly, SPA502g doesn’t have a VPN client. If you want to use a VPN, you would need to connect the phone to a router that can act as a VPN client to the VPN server on FreePBX

You just need to arrange for your router at the far end to return the registration/invite attempts and any subsequent RDP sessions to the internal IP of the phone(s).

Ah okay, I also have a 525g2. I’ll look around in my router settings and I’ll see if there are setting for a VPN

My router does not have a VPN feature built in. Does anyone know a simple VPN router that would work for this particular set up?

Why do you think you need a VPN?

@Whacka see if your use case require VPN

This seems to support VPN

I had a router/wifi that used to drop my phone registration everyday so I looked into a different router and I start reading about pfsense I decided to build one.

If your current router supports openwrt, you can install openwrt on it and then configure OpenVPN on it.

I thought a VPN was for accessing a network outside of said network. IE plugging an office phone in at home, and then it acting like it’s inside the office still

It can do that, but it is not a necessity, VoIP phones can traverse most routers with ease. There are dozens of posts here that are relevant to any number of types of routers.

Can you point me to those relevant posts? Thank you.


“Router setup”

In the search box of the wiki linked at the top of this page.

(Try Asus if you have an Asus router , . . .)

Be aware that opening your FreePBX server to the internet must be done in a cautious way, in order to avoid toll fraud. A VPN will let you connect a remote phone without the need to open FreePBX to the world wide web.

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