Cisco SPA500S-1 provisioning

Good afternoon Gents,

I’m trying to understand how provisioning of Cisco SPA500-S (extension / expansion module) works. I have tried to add couple of BLF lines into the template attached to one of mine SPA504G, but result config files has no configuration for Attendant Console lines (yes, I’ve tried to re-generate config file). Looks like that part is not working. Did somebody get the same issue or can tell me what I do wrong?

thank you.

P.S. FreePBX 12 with all latest modules.

Me too.
The config file has empty lines like:
<Unit_1_Key_1 ua=“na”></Unit_1_Key_1>
<Unit_1_Key_2 ua=“na”></Unit_1_Key_2>
<Unit_1_Key_3 ua=“na”></Unit_1_Key_3>
I have entered data into the commercial end point manager (for a SPA500-S1), but the config file in the /tftpboot area for that phone never gets the data.
Has anybody got this to work ?
Do I need to do something (like surround data in quotes, or … ?)