Cisco SPA303 Switching to Shared Lines

I am having a strange issue with the SPA303.

I have 3 separate extensions set up.


If I go into the phones web config and set:
Line Key 1 to go to Extension 1
Line Key 2 to go to Extension 2
Line Key 3 to go to Extension 3

The lines work.

However, after the phone is rebooted only the first line works.

All the settings get set back to:
Line Key 1 to go to Extension 1
Line Key 2 to go to Extension 1
Line Key 3 to go to Extension 1

However, all the line names are correct. Is there something I’m missing?

Anybody have any experience working with those phones?

Sounds like it is grabbing a config from tftp or http and reseting the phone.

Make sure all the provisioning settings are cleared from the phone. It may have been on a provider network.

btw… your’e not trying to reg three extensions on multiple phones are you ?

Something like phone 2 w/ext’s:

Line Key 1 to go to Extension 2
Line Key 2 to go to Extension 1
Line Key 3 to go to Extension 3

Even if you are not, there may be more elegant methods of accomplishing your goals. Ring Groups with a prefix or the CallerID Management module to name a few.

So, what is the purpose of reg’ing three separate extensions ? What happens when you are on line one and a second calls comes in ? Does it show up on line 2 ? Or are you just getting a call waiting tone ?

Personally, I only do something with the other lines if I want to reg on a different system all together. That way the line keys are all functionally the same ext. This makes three-way conferences and such easy.

Maybe all that functionality just work in your scenario and I am full of beans ?

No each phone has 3 separate extensions.

Ideally what I would like to do is have 2 lines as 1 extension and have the 3rd be part of a ring group.

However, I was unsure how to do this through the Endpoint Manager.

Also, I am not sure this would fix the issue since every time the phone reboots it sets all the lines to work on the first extension.

However, I would be willing to try adding a ring group to the extension if you could show me how.

Can somebody please help?

Is there any way to map “Ring Groups” or “Park Extentions” to each phone?

Each phone has been reset to default.

Somehow the provisioning file is what is giving the settings.

I’ve tried everything. No matter what I do the phones keep switching to single line mode and the other 2 extensions refuse to work.