Cisco SPA303 and End Point Manager

Background: Trying to build a VOIP system for one of our remote sites in under two weeks, please bare with me if these questions are basic.

Commercial EndPoint Manager:
Cisco SPA303 fw: 1.01/1.02

We just purchased the EPM Module for FreePBX. Two Questions:

  1. When building the templates it seems that the phone doesn’t always load the .xml located at /tftp/spaMA.xml. I’ve edited the template, save it, rebuild the config and ensure tftp is enabled on the phone along with the proper path. The phone will reboot, it always upgrades the firmware and then sometimes the changes (line names, etc) are loaded. Sometimes they are not. Any thoughts?

  2. When using the extention manager I select extension “001” which is of type SIP. It was used by a softphone but no longer is (softphone is shutdown). The extension manager automatically creates a custom extension of “1” and assigns it to the cisco phone. Does this make sense?

Hello did you receive an answer about your question??

No. In short I stopped using those Cisco phones as they continued to have other issues. I switched to Grandstream gxp1400 and have had little to no issues with them.