Cisco SPA112 and payphone

Hi all,

I have several Cisco SPA112 ATA’s in my environment running analogue fax machines and analogue handsets, all working well within FreePBX.

Recently I have tried to get an analogue payphone working, I can configure to an extension and call it perfectly fine, I can create an inbound route DID and call it externally fine.

However I cannot get it to make a call, either internally or externally - I know it works fine as when I connect it back to the POTS (where it is now) it works fine.

I have done some reading on the ATA and it is mentioned about reversing the polarity on the FXS port which the documentation says is needed for some payphones and answering machines.

I dont have access to the device at the moment as it is in a remote location, but reversing the polarity is the next thing I’m going to try with it.

Is there anyone out there that has an analogue payphone connected to their FreePBX via an ATA?

Any information or tips would be much appreciated :smile: