Cisco spa 504 525g2 parameter corrupts basefile

Hi everybody,

When adding the parameter “Number_Mapping” , value= (<:90>xxxxxxx>) , attrubute = na ,
the XML basefile of the SPA504 and 525G2 get corrupt and the phones will not accept that basefile.
When that line is removed, the basefile works fine.
When it is put directly into the phone it works fine.

Number Mapping is Part of the Phone>LDAP Directory settings and is used to add a prefix to a number that is queried.

Any ideas?

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yep. that did it.
replaced the < with & l t ; and the > with & g t ; (without the spaces in between)

although the parameter saved will show it as (<:90>xxxxxxx>), it will work.

hope this helps others.

thanks dicko