Cisco SCCP & FREEPBX 2.4


I need some help or just someone to point me in the right direction.

I have about 10 Cisco 7970G phones I would like to get working with the asterisk system. I would like to use SCCP/Skinny and not SIP as some features are not available on SIP. I have the latest FreePBX setup and it is a fresh install. I tried installing chan-sccp, but that did not work compile errors (seems it only works with older asterisk setups). I have yet to find a document in all of my searching that explains how to do it. I looked at the skinny option built into asterisk, but I found even less documentation on how to set it up.

Any advice on what to setup or where to look for information.


I wrote up an article on about the Cisco 7910 phone that gives a lot of the detail you’d need to get started. Check out the Voip-Info articles on the 7970 specifically once you get the basic connectivity working, and you should be all set.