Cisco phones firmware 9.0.3


Any help on getting a Cisco 7945/7965 phone to register with asterisk / Freepbx?
I am attempting to upgrade to firmware version 9.0.3a. What is the trick to getting the phone to register? I had firmware version 8.5.4 installed on the phones and they registered fine but have other issues (noise, echo).
Any suggestions / help will be appreciated.

You can get at the phone’s log files through the web interface or by attaching a serial cable to the phone.

You’ll need to locate the error on the phone and/or on Asterisk.

In Asterisk, turn on SIP debugs (assuming you’re using the SIP firmware) and review the transaction that takes place as your phone attempts to register.

I have heard that version 9 is wonky and needs patches to work right. I would stick with code in the release 8 train.


I bought a few Cisco 7912 phones but they do not have the SIP configuration in them, is there any way I can install the SIP configuration in them or any way I can upgrade the firmware on them. thanx

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WRT any Cisco Firmware you need to contact Cisco and download the SIP version for your phone.