Cisco phone Time_Format & Cadence

I am installing FreePBX for the first time, and need some setup help.

I am running FreePBX-2.210.62 and using Cisco SPA504G phones.

in directory “/tftpboot” I have a generic file “spa504G.cfg” and a specific file for each phone “sp{MAC address}.xml”.

Whenever I change extension settings in the FreePBX GUI these files are re-written. Whenever I reboot a phone the settings in these files is downloaded to the phone.

The problem is there are many more settings in these files than I can find in the FreePBX GUI, and I need to change some of them.
If I edit the files manually, then next time I go into the FreePBX GUI, the files are overwritten and they are reverted to their previous values.
I can also change the values directly in the phone’s web GUI interface, but then when I reboot the phone the files are downloaded and they are reverted to their previous values.

How do I change these values?

The values I am interested in are:
<Cadence_1 ua=“na”>60(2/4)</Cadence_1>

&lt;Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule ua="na"&gt;start=3/8/7/02:0:0;end=11/1/7/02:0:0;save=1&lt;/Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule&gt;

The last 3 being of course wrong for 95% of the world, so why are they the defaults?


if you are on a recent version of freepbx install the end point manager. that will enable you to install the appropriate firmware and to create (and if necessary) modify the configuration files vie the freepbx gui. if you set up the end point manger correctly you will find that the time, etc are taken care of for you