Cisco Phone Firmware Update

Ok, I have looked and looked, I know there are a million posts about updating the firmware on a cisco phone and converting from SCCP to SIP firmware, and you have to have a support contract from Cisco to get the files and all that jazz. So, here is my problem. I have managed to get my hands on the firmware, I have put the firmware on the tftp server, and it pulls the files, like it is supposed to. I am getting an “AUTH FAIL” error on the phone, which I have read that I need an older firmware to step off of, because I am trying to go to high to quick. So, I have been trying the older firmwares. The real question is, when I download the firmware files from Cisco’s website, or anywhere else, I open the term62.default.loads file, and there is a bunch of gibberish at the top of the file. The phone won’t even attempt to use it if the gibberish is in there, so in notepad, I remove the lines of gibberish, and it fixes the problem, but then when it downloads the file correctly, and it tries to to download the .sbn files next. It will attempt to download the first .sbn file two times and then the phone resets and starts the whole process over. So, my question is, are all of my files corrupt that I am getting from Cisco and everywhere else? Or am I doing something wrong? I have tried opening them on both Windows w/notepad and linux with VI to make sure I have the right file format DOS/UNIX. Any suggestions??