Cisco Phone Error "Error Pass Limit" When Transferring Calls

One of my customer’s reported that her phone displayed “Error Pass Limit” when she tried to transfer a call to someone else. A quick search online reports that this can happen when the phone isn’t assigned a name for the extension. However, her phone did display her full name on the top right corner. Oh yeah, I’m using Cisco 7941 SIP phones.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

In SIP mode, I believe that there is a ‘two line’ connection limit based on some documentation I’ve been looking at this weekend. I don’t use them in SIP mode, so I can’t verify that. Using this theory, if she has a call on hold and a call active and tries to transfer one of them, I think it will exceed the call limit and you’ll get that error.

Check the SIP config xml and make sure the concurrent call limit is set higher than ‘2’ - that might help.